Leeza McKeown, Cofounder of Fireside Strategic and CEO of Launch Levity, joins the Ask A CEO Podcast to share how relationship building can help in business growth, tips on creating an effective business strategy and how to win back a lost client.

Key Facts

  • Leeza’s LinkedIn
  • Fireside Strategic’s website
  • Launch Levity’s website
  • Leeza McKeown is a Cofounder of Fireside Strategic and CEO of Launch Levity
  • Leeza is a former Senior Consultant and Market Intelligence Analyst at Red de Exportadores
  • Leeza McKeown and her partner Dan King host the “The Missing Link Podcast
  • Leeza has led teams with L.E.K. Consulting
  • Leeza has independently worked as a business consultant throughout the U.S., Australia, and Japan
  • Fireside Strategic helps SMEs (small and medium enterprises) grow by co-creating a B2B thought leadership system

Key Takeaways

  • Leeza learned creative thinking and problem-solving from her family when she was a kid
  • Leeza is a consultant who became an entrepreneur to help SMEs develop deep relationships with C-Suite leaders to accelerate growth
  • Leeza started her career as a Market and Business Intelligence Analyst and worked for reputable companies like Red de Exportadores – Bairexport, Navistar, and Ar-tech SRL 
  • After gaining business analysis experience, Leeza started her entrepreneurial journey by Co-Founding BestMe (a purpose-driven network for coaches) 
  • At BestMe, while working with business coaches, Leeza began to understand how developing strong relationships can help businesses grow 
  • During her journey as a business consultant, Leeza met Dan King, who shared the same vision as Leeza. This led to Leeza and Dan launching a company called Fireside Strategic
  • Fireside Strategic aims to bring humanity on the same page as analysis and strategy for better business results
  • At Fireside Strategic, the term “very smart” means a combination of humanity and strategy 
  • Leeza advises entrepreneurs to surround themselves with smart people. This will help them to stay focused on their goals
  • Leeza believes that understanding clients and employees psychology, emotions, and feelings can elevate the work efficiency and business growth
  • Fireside Strategic follows these four steps when consulting a client;
    • Understand the client’s mission and vision
    • Analyze the gap in the client’s current business model 
    • Create strategies based on market dynamics 
    • Consult the client and help them reach their vision 
  • Leeza considers Fireside Strategic to be a “human-centric and culture-based consultation agency” 
  • Leeza shares a tip to re-engage clients who have lost interest in your services.  “Take a step back and hear what the client wants, rework the strategies and re-implement them”
  • Leeza believes that data analysis is the key to a profitable business outcome 

Best Advice to CEOs 


“Always re-evaluate your business strategy” 

Leeza believes that every client and business is different, and the same strategy might not work for all clients. Therefore, take a step back and re-evaluate the strategies if things are not working out.

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About How B2B Relationships can Drive Growth with Leeza McKeown, Cofounder of Fireside Strategic

How B2B Relationships can Drive Growth with Leeza McKeown, Cofounder of Fireside Strategic
Leeza is a management consultant-turned-entrepreneur who combines unhampered joy with rigorous strategic thinking to breathe momentum into her clients’ businesses. Having led teams with L.E.K. Consulting and independently throughout the U.S., Australia, and Japan — with work including growth strategy and sales enablement — she has helped companies enter best-fit markets and generate millions in profit. After getting bitten by the entrepreneurship bug, she started a consulting practice advising growing startups and was the founding member of three NYC-based B2B companies in wellness and sustainability. She holds a degree in Economics from the University of Chicago. Leeza is an outdoor adventurer, yoga practitioner, and lover of dance. Her favorite activity is exploring Brooklyn’s Prospect Park with her rescue pup.