From New York City Detective to CEO of Lorraine Gregory Communications.  I have directed the growth of my company into a leading marketing and communications agency it is today.  LGC now boasts a client list of over 800 with an expanding market share in the digital and online marketing sphere.

Fun Facts

Although a former detective and current CEO, I always ensure to make time for my family and my numerous hobbies.  From my children and grandchildren to classic cars and philanthropic projects, my time is always occupied by something I love.  To find out places I have gone and things I have experienced, click below to read my fun facts.

“When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for everyone telling you you’re nuts.”

                                                         Larry Ellison


After a highly decorated tenure as a New York City Detective, I have gone on to build a new career. For 25 years in my current role as the CEO of Lorraine Gregory Communications (LGC). I have directed the growth of the company into the leading marketing and communications agency it is today. LGC now boasts a client list of over 800 with an expanding market share in the digital and online marketing sphere.

From 1992 to today, LGC has consistently grown with a significant expansion in services which is now a unique full-service agency that provides digital and direct marketing and also owns the factory end of the business. We produce high-end digital and offset printing, mailings, and fulfillment for our clients’. LGC’s business model incorporates a concept to completion process.

The rebranding of LGC in 2014 – 2015, has changed the marketability of the company dramatically. In doing so, my team and I have refreshed the company image and demonstrated to the marketplace our strength, capabilities, and forward thinking. Our results-driven and creative ideas are the basis for the strong relationships we have built with our clients. Our creativity and openness are how we have gained clients from all industries including healthcare, educaiton, not-for-profits, financial institutions, retail, and real estate.

I pride myself in becoming an accomplished author, invited business writer, and speaker. I have been published regularly in national, regional and local publications including:

  • Direct Marketing News
  • Huffington Post
  • Long Island Business News
  • Hauppauge Reporter
  • Queens Courier
  • And many online publications.


My team and I have been awarded numerous recognitions, including the following:

  • 2016 Long Island Business News Signature Achievement Award
  • 2016 SmartCEO Magazine Future 50 Award
  • 2016 Long Island Business News Excellence in Communication Award
  • 2014 Melville Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year
  • 2013 Hauppauge Industrial Association (HIA) Small Business Achievement Award
  • 2013 Long Island Business News Outstanding CEO Award
  • 2012 Hauppauge Industrial Association (HIA) Small Business Achievement Nominee


My family and I have guided the company’s community and philanthropic efforts to the best of our abilities. I am currently or formerly an advisor to or member of the boards of directors of the following organizations:

  • Northwell Health System- Huntington Hospital- Dolan Family Health Center
  • Long Island Community Foundation
  • Association of Fund Raising Professionals
  • American Diabetes Association
  • Printing Industry Alliance
  • Lorraine Gregory Family Fund
  • Long Island Cruizin For A Cure
  • Life Center of Long Island


I am also an avid supporter of the local business community with memberships in:

  • Long Island Association
  • Association of Funding Professionals- Long Island
  • Direct Marketing Association- Long Island
  • Publie Relations Professionals of Long Island
  • Hauppauge Industrial Association
  • Melville Chamber of Commerce
  • Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce
  • Association of Commerce and Industry


Being fortunate enough to have two very different and successful careers my focus is on applying the knowledge I have acquired to advance the marketing efforts of businesses, organizations, and community.


Question 1
How do you want to be remembered?

Question 2
What have you learned last year that will influence your company this year?
Cash is king, but people are more important.

Question 3
What is the most dramatic change you have seen in your industry?
The understanding that marketing has to be a multifaceted effort to be effective.

Question 4
What have you learned from the past in your profession?
My opinion does not matter it is the result in the final analysis that counts.

Question 5
What is the toughest business decision you ever made?
Having to cut personnel and payroll in the great recession of 2008 and 2009.

Question 6
How would you describe your work style?
Open and accessible.

Question 7
How would you describe the business future of LGC?
Ever changing to be a true partner to our clients.

Question 8
What is your finish line?
When I stop enjoying coming to work. So far, I still love it.


Question 1
How do you relax after work?
A brief conversation with Mr. Vodka

Question 2
What’s your deserted Island wish list?
Sun, sand, surf and crystal clear Caribbean blue water… not much needed after that.

Question 3
What was your favorite vacation?
Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast and Venice.

Question 4
What are your favorite hobbies.
I love Fiction writing – I have 5 novels started, seems finishing is the hard part. Classic car hot rods and making Rosary beads are my other pastimes.

Question 5
What are your top 5 favorite movies.
Casablanca – Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, It’s a Wonderful Life – Jimmy Stewart, African Queen – Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn, It’s a Mad Mad Mad World – Cast was all the top comedians and actors of the day – Milton Berle, Buddy Hackett, Sid Ceasar, Terry Thomas, Ethel Merman and Spencer Tracy, Yankee Doodle Dandy – James Cagney

Question 6
Who is your favorite Actor/Actress?
John Wayne, Tom Hanks, Ingrid Bergman, Betty Davis

Question 7
What are your top 5 favorite books?
The E-myth, Anything Rob Ludlum, The Shining, The Stand, Bible

Question 8
What are your favorite TV Shows?
Hill Street Blues, Mork & Mindy, Johnny Carson, NCIS, Have Gun Will Travel, Carol Burnett Show.

Question 9
Describe yourself in one word.

Question 10
Who is your favorite singer?

Question 11
What is your favorite band?
The Beatles.

Question 12
What would your last meal be?

Question 13
What’s your favorite beverage?

Question 14
Who is your favorite Superhero?
Mighty Dog

Question 15
Name a place you would love to travel to.
Montana – Big Sky Country

Question 16
What is your favorite Car?
1962 Corvette

Question 17
What is the most daring stunt you have ever performed?
Too scared

Question 18
What is your favorite sport?

Question 19
Who is your favorite Comedian?
I have a list… everyone on the Carol Burnett Show, Jonathon Winters, Buddy Hackett, Don Rickles, & Rodney Dangerfield.

Question 20
What was your best Halloween costume?
Bag Lady- I won the contest!

Question 21
How many Children and grandchildren do you have?
I have 6 children, 5 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild.

Question 22
Do you have a favorite pet?
All of them. Pets are like your children; you are not allowed to have a favorite.

Question 23
What is your favorite Cartoon Character?
Bugs Bunny

Question 24
What is your favorite Amusement Park ride?
I Hate them all.