Your Marketing Quiz

Here is a quick quiz that will highlight your current marketing strategy and what you should really be doing. Does your company have a marketing plan? □ Yes □ No Does your company budget marketing funds for a period of time? □ Yes □ No Does your company primarily use low cost social media outlets […]

Five Things You Should do if the Economy Slows in 2021

With all the volatility in the stock market, the trade war with China, the pandemic, election upheaval, and looming tax hikes from the new administration, it is beginning to look like 2021 is a year poised to slow down. Some have even said there is a possible recession just over the horizon. The counter argument […]

Emerging from the COVID Cloud

Day 35 of my COVID saga and the fog is finally lifting. For 23 of those days, I was hospitalized and received COVID treatment that included Remdesivir intravenously and steroid injections. Chest x rays, O2 monitoring, constant oxygen at 15 liters, daily blood work, and uncountable checks of my “vital” signs. It was quite aggressive, […]

Lorraine Gregory Corporation installs new President, Benjamin “Jay” Demetriou

Immediate Release January 4, 2021 Lorraine Gregory Corporation installs new President, Benjamin “Jay” Demetriou. For over twenty years Benjamin “Jay” Demetriou has been a cornerstone of the Lorraine Gregory Corporation. He has worked tirelessly to support the growth, reputation and longevity of the company. From the day he joined the company he has been a […]

From C-suite to a hospital room: A COVID casualty

Editor’s note: Greg Demetriou, a regular LIBN columnist and Long Island Business Hall of Fame member, is fighting COVID in an area hospital. He penned this column from his hospital bed, where he remains as of press time. Certain elements of this tale are a bit blurry, probably due to shortage of oxygen, but I […]

Early voting is a bad idea for the nation

As I write this, more than 60 million Americans have voted during the last two-plus weeks. In terms of voter participation that is good for the country. However, and there is a really big “however.” What has happened since the voting began?  The second presidential debate has taken place. The Hunter Biden emails revealing at […]

Mail and the election are fraught with problems

Let me start with my bona fides: I am the CEO of Lorraine Gregory Communications, an integrated marketing company. My previous position was Director of Processing for the exclusive mailing shop providing services to a major securities brokerage house and as such I was responsible for the processing and mailing of 50 million shareholder communications […]


Simply put, no jargon, no hype, integrated marketing is merely the mix of appropriate mediums, media and processes used to enhance the effectiveness of any campaign. Confusion sometimes comes from the difference between medium and media. Motion pictures are a medium, billboards are too, print as well. Mediums are the type of platform used. Media […]

There’s a lack of ‘contact’ on too many websites

Over the past several weeks I have noticed more and more the empty hole my requests have fallen into. We all see the tab at the top of web sites home pages “contact” and many of us use them frequently to make initial outreach, ask a question or provide a comment. I am one of […]

Success Soup – The Recipe

A few years ago, the Huffington Post published my column titled “Success Soup – What is the recipe?” The “Recipe” still holds up today and is the driving force in the success of Lorraine Gregory Communications. The article, with a few updates for a COVID-19 world follows: 28 years, 1 month and 5 days ago Lorraine […]