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From The Cranky Client Archives: When To Fire A Client

Lorraine Gregory Has Close Call With Digital Rip-Off

Internet fraud – it can happen to you! Read on for a first-hand account of Lorraine Gregory Communications’ encounter with a fake check scam.

Should I Fire The Business Development Officer?

Firing your business development officer could be a pretty drastic step. I’m not really advocating that you take any action one way or the other, but if you’re not happy with your business development officer’s performance, I recommend taking a hard look at what that role should be and actually is in your agency. I’ve […]

A Case For Personal Visibility

Pitching is the primary means by which marketers and advertisers capture new business. Pitches come in all shapes and sizes depending on the opportunity. We’ve all endured them, failed at them and won some great business because of them. In between those pitches, are you neglecting other ways to connect with your marketplace? In my […]

ADA Website Compliance; Beware Ambulance Chasers

Many business owners are now learning about the need to have Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliant websites. Even conscientious and sincere owners who want to proactively make their online presence more accessible find that there are no “official” guidelines or regulations that give them the answers they need. Ironically the same government who implemented […]

Demetriou: A cop’s perspective: which way are you running?

Editor’s note: In light of recent mass shootings, LIBN contributor Greg Demetriou, a former police detective, offered this opinion column. Shots ring out. You immediately face the choice – fight or flight. You cannot fight with a gun so flight is the choice, except flight exposes you. Cover and concealment is the only way to […]

Three Ways To Help Answer The Why.

Why should I hire you? Why is your company different? Why are you better than your competitors? The Whys are plentiful and seemingly never ending when you are trying to win new business. How you answer is where you will win or lose that new business.   I have three suggestions that will help you […]

Mixing Business with Controversy.

More and more corporations, but big and small are entering the public discourse on controversial and often inflammatory debates. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of corporate social justice efforts. In 2017 Pepsi weighted in on the Black Lives Matter scenario by creating an ad with Kendall Jenner sharing the beverage with Police […]

5 things you should do if the economy slows in 2019

With all the volatility in the stock market the pundits are beginning to look at 2019 as a year poised to slow down.  Some have even said a possible recession. Of course, some of this might just be hysteria, which the market has been known for. Paranoia, concern and uncertainty can turn the markets upside […]