What Marketers Need to Do During the COVID-19 Crisis is P.I.V.O.T.

Facing the unknown is scary. But I remind you we have been forced to adjust our marketing and communication strategies before . . . Remember 9/11 when the world stopped? The stock market closed; and businesses came to a screeching halt because of what felt like an “end of the world” scenario. No one knew […]


The red numbers stare hauntingly in the dark. The numbers are irrelevant unless of course you are determining how little you have slept. When the ‘I leave the office at work’ strategy breaks down and the nagging troublesome issues of business follow you home and steal your rest it is a (pun intended) wakeup call. […]

The Changing Landscape of Social Interaction

Eerie as it might be the normal outlets of social interaction, both personally and professionally, have changed. Possibly forever. Schools, houses of worship, gyms, movie theaters, restaurants and bars have closed until further notice. Companies are sending workers home for extended periods and everyone is told not to touch each other. It is like turning […]

Rebranding 2.0: How To Evolve Your Existing Brand

I can’t believe five years have passed since we created a new brand logo, strategy, website, collateral, etc. I do remember that it was a painstaking process. I recall all the sordid details, angst, exhilaration, euphoria and, finally, the sense of accomplishment. Well, here we are again: wrestling with matching our brand to our current […]

Dial 988

Dial 988 – The FCC recently recommended a new three-digit National Suicide Prevention Hotline number to provide easy access to support for people in a suicidal crisis or emotional distress. As a retired NYC Detective in the Manhattan DA’s Office, suicide is an issue very near and dear to my heart. Read on for my […]

Acquaintance Or Friend?

Friendship is a two-way thing. It requires trust, affection, tolerance, and acceptance going back and forth. Both sides of the equation are responsible for the maintenance of the relationship. In business we have mainly acquaintances, if we are lucky a handful of those turn into true friendships. I am not sure how that line is […]

When Disaster Strikes

First and foremost, protect your data. There isn’t an insurance policy in the world that can replace your companies’ vital records. If you have not established a solid process of data backup, do it today. You have no excuse if disaster of any kind strikes and wipes out your network. With so many options available […]

Tying Your Message To The Big Game

Why are television ads on the Super Bowl so expensive? Why do advertisers gladly hand over millions of dollars per spot? Simple answer… they work. The Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events each and every year. Nine of the top ten most watched television events are Super Bowls. The reported viewership […]

Mr. Peanut is Dead at 104. Who’s Next?

It has been announced and shown on video that Mr. Peanut died sacrificing himself for his friends.  The clip anticipates the funeral to be televised during the Super Bowl. The decision to kill off the iconic figure ignited the Twitterverse.  Much was in support of the untimely death.  Almost a “good riddance” could be heard.  […]

Take The Blank Page Challenge

If you have followed my advice to enhance your personal and business brand by writing you have run across this obstacle. There it is all white and nice. A canvas to capture your thoughts and words.  An adventure into what never existed before. A chance to express the person you are and intellect within. So […]