Recently I had the occasion to be on a conference call with several members of a board of directors that I am on. I suppose there were a dozen faceless voices on the call. To be kind it was a cacophony of noise. Every opening sentence had to be repeated because someone else had been [...]

Riding the Direct Mail Workhorse to Victory

Many pundits have said Direct Mail is dead. They must be digital online players or media types aiming to steer more business to themselves. The truth is that Direct Marketing, especially Direct Mail, is the workhorse of many campaigns. I have always subscribed to the seeing is believing mentality. Go no further than your mailbox [...]

Is Your Business Plan Caught in a Blender?

You are not alone. However, I am here to say hit the off button before you trash everything you know works. Now is not the time for doom and gloom. Now is the time for thoughtful aggression, calm combat, and killer concepts. Your business has survived and thrived in the past, the new normal is […]

COVID-19 Crisis Comments

Being disconnected from colleagues, clients, friends and affiliates not only isolates the person but also limits their breadth of human experience. No man or woman is an island and needs to hear from others even if they cannot be physically together during the COVID-19 crisis. Besides the individual isolation and social distancing, working remotely has […]

Remote Working Survey Results

During the second and third weeks of self-quarantine, social distancing and remote working edicts, Lorraine Gregory Communications conducted a digital poll via a Constant Contact email. Taking the pulse of those working remotely captured a cross section of industries and job titles. 217 respondents answered 10 questions ranging from their ability to perform their jobs […]

Four Tips for Keeping the Culture

Can you keep the company culture alive when the company is at home? After spending time, energy and money to build a company culture that is welcoming, warm and friendly no one wants to lose that momentum. Being apart does not necessarily mean a backslide. It can be an opportunity to add a new dimension. […]

Stepping into the Fundraising Void

Okay so every event you planned has now been cancelled or postponed well into the future. How are you supposed to raise funds to continue your mission? For many nonprofits, events are the engine that provide the lion’s share of funds needed to be effective. A shortage of funds during this crisis doesn’t need to […]

Coronavirus Crisis Plagued Further by Fakers, Frauds and Scoundrels

I appreciate those who are sincerely trying to be the best they can be under some of the most trying conditions our generation has ever known. As the dramatic numbers of infected, sick and dying increase they give us all pause to reflect on the fragility of life itself. The mountain of articles, posts and […]

What Happens Next And Will It Be The New Normal

What Marketers Need to Do During the COVID-19 Crisis is P.I.V.O.T.

Facing the unknown is scary. But I remind you we have been forced to adjust our marketing and communication strategies before . . . Remember 9/11 when the world stopped? The stock market closed; and businesses came to a screeching halt because of what felt like an “end of the world” scenario. No one knew […]