Joshua Schneps, CEO and Co-Publisher at Schneps Media, joins the Ask A CEO Podcast to share the legacy of Schneps Media, the strategies on how to sustain companies in the long run, and his best advice for the CEOs.

Key facts

  • Joshua’s Linkedin
  • Schneps Media’s website
  • Joshua is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Publisher at Schneps Media
  • Joshua is the President of The World’s Fare 
  • Joshua is a Publisher at The Long Island Press
  • Joshua is the Owner of Brownstoner (Brooklyn Real Estate) 
  • Joshua is the President of LIC Flea & Food Market
  • Schneps Media is the largest local media company in the New York
  • Schneps Media publishes 40+ leading newspapers/magazines and 15+ local websites throughout the New York
  • Schneps Media publishes two daily newspapers that cater to approx. two million readers per week
  • Schneps Media has won 49 awards in different categories from New York Press Association

Key takeaways 

  • After graduating with a degree in finance from Indiana University Bloomington, Joshua started his career as an analyst at The Bank of America in 2000
  • Joshua worked at The Bank of America for one and a half years before starting his entrepreneurial journey 
  • With a passion for entrepreneurship, Joshua started following in his mother’s (Vicki Schneps) footsteps. Vicki is currently the President of Schneps Media 
  • Vicki Schenps Co-Founded Schneps Media, which was initially a newspaper, in 1983. 
  • Schneps Media newspaper was started with the aim of highlighting issues faced by people with health conditions or impairments
  • Schneps Media newspaper is dedicated to Joshua’s sister, who was diagnosed with severe brain damage from at birth 
  • Vicki believes that the strength of the press can change society’s perception of people with disabilities
  • Schneps Media launched its subsidiary, The Queens Courier, in 1985. The Queens Courier handles newspaper and magazine production and events management
  • Joshua played a primary role in helping Schneps Media expand to more than 70 community magazines and newspapers. He planned the expansion through engaging community websites, news channels, social media channels, and conducting strong live networking events all across New York City and Westchester
  • Joshua credits Schneps Media’s expansion and success to its employees and readers/audiences
  • Joshua admits that there is no particular training program on offer to Schneps Media employees due to the company’s diverse service portfolio. However, he acknowledges the efforts and professionalism of Schneps Media’s managers who have helped the company succeed 
  • Joshua loves networking. During the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, Joshua got a chance to connect with many organizational heads and asked them how they are managing their organizations during the pandemic. Joshua believes that this has been a great learning experience for him 
  • Joshua credits Schneps Media’s success to the following factors; 
    • Experimenting with reaching out to new audiences 
    • Using creative techniques to enhance Schneps Media’s network 
    • Creating awareness of different subjects through webinars, podcasts, and live events 
  • Joshua believes that automation and adapting to technology helps organizations create better collaborative environments 
  • Joshua shares that the secret to Schneps Media’s survival during the pandemic is their proactive approach to adapting to digitalization

Best advice for CEOs

Always have a mentor, as the motivation and learning one can acquire from a mentor’s experiences is irreplaceable.

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About 20 years and 73 publications of Schneps Media, Josh Schneps, CEO and Co-publisher talks business growth, expansion and sustainability

20 years and 73 publications of Schneps Media, Josh Schneps, CEO and Co-publisher talks business growth, expansion and sustainability
CEO of the largest group of local media outlets in New York City, Long Island, Westchester and Philadelphia. We connect with and inform audiences by the neighborhood across trusted award-winning daily and community newspapers, magazines, websites, email newsletters, social channels, business to business events, consumer events, large scale festivals, podcasts, webinars and video.