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About Gunner Lyslo

Gunner Lyslo
Gunner Lyslo is the founder and CEO of Surfacide, LLC. He has been a leader over the past 20 years in the infection control & disinfection space with specific attention toward the development of evidenced-based disinfection modalities. Gunner’s early career focus was toward the development of technologies to address the infectious disease role that Legionella and other waterborne pathogens present when colonizing water distribution systems. His current focus is directed toward the critical impact that pathogens such as SARS CoV-2, (COVID-19) C.diff, MRSA and other multi-drug resistant pathogens present when colonizing the patient environment. Gunner has been issued 10 US patents related to UV disinfection by the United States Patent & Trademark office and 5 International Patent authorities with an several additional patents pending. The Surfacide Helios system is unique as it is the only patented, triple emitter UV-C disinfection system that addresses the challenges of shadows, distance and labor--all variables that are inherent challenges to all first-generation systems.