Dial 988

Dial 988 – The FCC recently recommended a new three-digit National Suicide Prevention Hotline number to provide easy access to support for people in a suicidal crisis or emotional distress. As a retired NYC Detective in th [...]

Acquaintance Or Friend?

Friendship is a two-way thing. It requires trust, affection, tolerance, and acceptance going back and forth. Both sides of the equation are responsible for the maintenance of the relationship.

When Disaster Strikes

First and foremost, protect your data. There isn’t an insurance policy in the world that can replace your companies’ vital records.

If you have not established a solid [...]

Tying Your Message To The Big Game

Why are television ads on the Super Bowl so expensive? Why do advertisers gladly hand over millions of dollars per spot? Simple answer... they work.

The Super Bowl is one o [...]