Pent-up demand is about to overflow

All the hoping and praying for the end of the pandemic looks like we might actually be getting to a point that masks become optional, we can visit our favorite watering holes and restaurants, not to mention family we haven’t seen or t [...]

4,221 Addresses Added Every Day

The United States Postal Service reports that they add 4,221 new addresses to the postal delivery database every day. Assuming an average 2.5 persons per address that means 10,552 household members. That is a direct marketing gold mine as well [...]

Increasing the Minimum Wage isn’t the Answer

If you are old enough to remember “That Seventies Show” it showed us examples of working for minimum wage. The show was the story of several teens finding their way in the world, and in this case, a good example that a minimum wage job is not sup [...]