Early voting is a bad idea for the nation

As I write this, more than 60 million Americans have voted during the last two-plus weeks. In terms of voter participation that is good for the country. However, and there is a really big “however.” What has happened since the voting began?  [...]

Mail and the election are fraught with problems

Let me start with my bona fides: I am the CEO of Lorraine Gregory Communications, an integrated marketing company. My previous position was Director of Processing for the exclusive mailing shop providing services to a major securities brokerage house [...]


Simply put, no jargon, no hype, integrated marketing is merely the mix of appropriate mediums, media and processes used to enhance the effectiveness of any campaign. Confusion sometimes comes from the difference between medium and media. Motion pi [...]

There’s a lack of ‘contact’ on too many websites

Over the past several weeks I have noticed more and more the empty hole my requests have fallen into. We all see the tab at the top of web sites home pages “contact” and many of us use them frequently to make initial outreach, ask a question o [...]