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I am blessed to run an award-winning energetic forward-thinking company that helps companies consolidate their marketing efforts across all platforms and assures that client messages reach each segment of their audience. Our method makes sure each effort is coordinated, comprehensive and effective. Having all the necessary professional skills and disciplines inhouse adds a level of collaboration that produces outstanding results, wins client rave reviews and sets our company apart. I am a nationally published author on marketing and business topics and an invited columnist in business publications. I am also consulted by media as an industry expert. I have presented marketing seminars to businesses and organizations for over 25 years. I hold board of directors positions, participate in various community outreach programs, and undertake speaking and writing assignments not only for business but for the greater good of others less fortunate. My real passion is helping the many Not for Profit organizations in my area expand their cause-related services and fundraise effectively. I hold the New York Police Departments Medal of Honor and after an exhilarating career as a Detective I retired from the Manhattan District Attorneys Office. I am deeply committed to stemming the tide of PTSD suicides in law enforcement officers, first responders and military veterans. If you have a particular need, business or otherwise I would be very glad to hear from you.