Why Ebooks?

For 25 years I have watched, listened, and learned about so many aspects of growing a company, leading people and processes. Over that time, the internet came into being and marketing landscape was turned on it’s head.  Changing with the evolving marketplace and ways to communicate, have provided many learning and teaching moments.  I have done my best to capture some of those, and some of the more foundational management policies and issues, and have made it my goal to share the insights and techniques with my peers.

Many of the stories and articles contained in these e-books have been published nationally.  By sharing the articles I hope there are a few takeaways that you find interesting.  As always, sharing these articles is always appreciated.  It is my hope that these Ebooks will help my fellow CEO’s as well as serve as a conduit to even more symbiotic, professional relationships.

All the best and happy reading

Enjoy. God Bless.

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