Mixing Business with Controversy.

More and more corporations, but big and small are entering the public discourse on controversial and often inflammatory debates.

The jury is still out on the effectiveness of corporate social justice efforts.


5 things you should do if the economy slows in 2019

With all the volatility in the stock market the pundits are beginning to look at 2019 as a year poised to slow down.  Some have even said a possible recession. Of course, some of this might just be hysteria, which the market has been known for. P [...]

Why your company is asking you to get out of your office

The trap was set years ago.  You started this business and worked your behind off to make it a success.  Even in the early days you had the vision of what was possible if all the stars aligned.  You touched everything, did everything and more.  A [...]

What’s in a title?

More years ago than I like to remember I was gifted an old-fashioned ID bracelet.  It is a bit different because my name is missing from the faceplate.  The smooth gold has weathered all these years and is now a bit scratched and dull, but this is [...]